This page contains client comments along with images from various job sites around the Puget Sound region.

A tree should look as beautiful during Winter as it does during the Summer.
— Cass Turnbull

Thanks for doing such a stellar job on our trees!"

S. H.
(Fremont - 8/16/18)

Yes, This is Growing in the PNW!

Yes, This is Growing in the PNW!

“My yard was a jungle of overgrown shrubs and trees. I hadn’t the skill or ability to tame it. I found a recommendation for Mike on this page and gave him a call. I am so pleased with the amount of Mike did on the short time he was here. He cleaned up my apple and 3 plums, literally cut my ocean spray and a hazel nut down to size, removed a decrepit mock orange, and generally tidied up the place. It took about 4 hours and he hauled 400 pounds of prunings to be composted. My yard was opened up without looking ravaged. Mike encourages you to work with him and shows you how to prune effectively. Later this fall or winter I will be calling Mike to show me how to put my yard to bed so it will look even better next year.”

“I think the neighborhood should adopt him… he did a great job for me too.”

“I agree–Mike was great to work with, and did a really nice job with our trees.”

“I have used the Pruningman for several jobs. He is wonderful.”

“Yes!! We just worked with him yesterday–fantastic guy and super helpful!!!”

“Hi all… I wanted to recommend one of our neighbors Mike King, in case anyone’s looking for some pruning and trimming. He’s done a nice job on our yard. He is a Plant Amnesty Master Pruner, and says he specializes in pruning trees, mostly ornamentals and fruit trees, as well as shrubs large and small, and he takes all debris with him. Give him a try!”

“We saw a recommendation for Mike King on Nextdoor and we had him do some pruning for us earlier this month. He did a great job at a reasonable price. Plus he is a nice guy!”

“Mike King has done great work for me also. I will definitely use him again in the future.”

“I have been using the Pruningman to help with various projects in my yard from pruning trees to removing moss from my roof. Mike has a great love of trees and much experience with gardens in general. I am pleased to have found someone who is professional, knowledgeable, conscientious and reasonably priced. I think you will be happy with his work.”

“Mike was here this afternoon for maybe his fourth visit–we found him through a recommendation on Nextdoor, and were so happy with his work and with the price, that we kept having him back. He pruned not just our fruit trees, but also cut back the rhododendron and other subs, and hauled away several trailers worth of debris.”

– Comments from Nextdoor

Hi Mike,

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our yard. It’s so much more open and airy: even at dusk it no longer feels closed in and dark.  Before, facing west, working in the yard after we came home from work was not at all appealing. Now it is much more inviting.

Thanks so much for the two day marathon and the workout – this morning we found dappled light throughout the back yard – the plants are going to be so happy!

F. & P.
Kirkland, WA



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the beautiful pruning work yesterday.  We look forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes,

J & M
Phinney Ridge


Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the job you did for us.  N. and I went out to dinner Tuesday night and proposed a toast in your honor.

Funny thing is, we feel very accomplished by your work! And we learned a thing or two. . .

Just hope that you can be pleased with the process of your pruning skills knowing that we and our trees look forward to your return for renewed care.  Thanks for all your counsel and advice.

R. & N.
Green Lake



I was first impressed be seeing you at work in the neighborhood and watching your approach to a tree and your careful pruning technique at work.  Next, I was impressed that you encouraged me to be present during the pruning so that you could discuss my goals for the trees.  You took the time to educate me about how my goals would impact the tree’s health and growth pattern in the future.  You were willing to keep some dead areas in an old prune tree to accomplish my goal of using it to screen out a neighbor’s yard.  You also restored the beauty of the trees that had been lost do to poor pruning in the past.  You educated me that pruning is a process which continues over the life of a tree – however, the benefits of skilled and careful pruning were noticeable immediately.

What I meant by the statement that N. and I felt very accomplished afterward is that it is hard to trust someone with the health and wellbeing of living trees and we struggled over the years to find a skilled and sensitive pruner.  We felt that we had accomplished this goal by hiring you.  We wish you good health for altruistic and selfish reasons!


Green Lake

Hi Mike,

Looks fabulous!


Magnolia District




Thank you so much for your excellent service!  Look forward to seeing you next time.


Thanks Mike – you did a great job!  It is exactly what I wanted.  I appreciate your good work & will tell people about you!

D. A.



Thanks for the super fast and super great pruning job.  I’ll recommend you to all my friends!

Take care,

A. B.

Thank you so much Mike.  You did a beautiful job.  See you next time.

P. N.
Maple Leaf



Hi Mike,

Thanks once again for doing a wonderful job on the trees.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

We’ll see you next year.

G. Y.
Capitol Hill

Thank you so much Mike! You did a beautiful job.

E. & C.
Madison Park

Mike, Thank you so much.  The trees look beautiful.  I only wish I had more trees so you could transform them as well.

C. C.
Queen Anne

Hi Mike,

The pear tree looks wonderful!  You have maintained its shape, let light through, and kept its stature.

Thanks for a great job on a huge, neglected tree that really needed attention.  You’re a pro.

A. W.
West Seattle



The pressure washing really stepped this place up several notches, making it look so much nicer and cared for.  I hadn’t really put my finger on it before, but this place was really beginning to look derelict and abandoned. Thanks for helping turn it around with all the persistent sleuthing you did to find the right removal product, and not stopping until the job was done!

Vikki P.

Find a need and fill it.
— N.V. Peale | American Author